Firefighter Selection Examinations

Firefighter Selection Examinations


Performance Training Systems, Inc. (PTS) has provided Firefighter Selection Examinations for more than 20 years. Our unique system is based on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Firefighter Professional Qualification Standards. In addition, Examination Banks reference current technical information available from publishers and other reliable sources. PTS offers 39 Examination Banks containing more than 20,000 validated test items. The Banks are developed by qualified subject matter experts (SME) from the ranks of the fire and emergency medical services. PTS professional staff provides SME technical training and ensures the Banks meet the requirements of the U. S. Department of Labor, “Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection” and the American Psychological Association’s, “Standards for Education and Psychological Testing”. Examination validity and reliability are guaranteed.

What are Firefighter Selection Examinations? 

The examinations are custom developed and based on specifications provided by firefighter job titles. For example, Beach City Fire Rescue Department wants to hire trained and qualified fire officers from outside the Department who are also Emergency Medical Technicians. PTS Staff works closely with Beach City Fire Rescue personnel to develop a reading list for candidates. Typically, the reading list is publicly available. Qualified candidates submit applications to take the selection examination. It is important to understand the candidates meet the published training and experience requirements. These examinations are not for selection from the general population. Once the reading list is developed, PTS Staff generates 200-300 test items to be reviewed, verified, and selected by Beach City Fire Rescue Staff. This step makes sure that test items are not in conflict with local codes, protocols, and procedures.

How does the process work?

Test items are sent and returned by Federal Express under secure conditions. PTS Staff generates the examinations in booklet form, includes an answer form sealed within the booklet. The booklet is placed in a sealed envelope to be opened by the candidate at a proctored location. Suggested proctoring guidelines are provided.

Candidates complete the examination, place their answer from inside the booklet and reseal the booklet. No one else sees the candidates answer form. Booklets are returned to PTS for electronic machine double scoring.

PTS Staff prepares technical reports including candidate by candidate score from highest score to lowest score. Examination reliability and other pertinent technical reports are prepared. Reports are provided by secure delivery to designated persons.

Beach City Fire Rescue designated official can request individual feedback reports for candidates that fall below the cut score for the examination. This report includes the technical resources and page number(s) where answers are located. This report is critical for assuring accuracy and technical content validity of the examination. It is a valuable report for those who may challenge the examination content.

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