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Exam Prep Online is designed to strengthen your areas of weakness in terms of NFPA Professional Qualification Standards. Our system consists of three phases:

Phase 1


The test in Phase 1 covers every part of the NFPA Standard. Once you register and pay, you will receive an identification number and password to access your first test. We suggest that you do not study or look up the answers for the initial test. Part of the PDP design is to survey your level of knowledge and build on it for subsequent tests and study activities. You will receive a feedback report for all test items that you missed on the initial test. Then, we will ask you to perform certain self-directed studies.


Phase 2


This phase will include a test with up to 25% overlap of the first test and additional questions at a more difficult level. We suggest that you study the reference materials in which you scored lowest. The second test should be completed in the same manner as the first. You should complete the feedback report using the same procedures given to you. Pay particular attention to those areas of the reference materials where you continue to score lowest. It is important at this point to read the materials containing the correct response in context. This technique will help you master the material and retain knowledge.


Phase 3


The final test in this phase will contain up to 25% overlap of the first two tests and will include additional test items from areas of greatest weakness. The process for study, lookup, and review of missed questions is the same as for the previous phases.


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